With #GREENHIGHRISE we want to inspire our customers and partners for sustainability.

Service providers in the live entertainment industry are not necessarily known for a positive environmental footprint. Large events with lots of crowds and tons of material that has to be moved internationally has a negative impact on our environment. However, WE are also in a position to take action and advocate for sustainability in live entertainment.

made in Germany

When manufacturing our stages, we rely on production in our own country. This allows us to reduce long supply chains and international transports to a minimum.

With an approx. 4000m² photovoltaic system on the roof of our manufacturer, approx. 300kw of electricity is produced monthly. This makes it possible not only to cover the electricity demand of the machines with approx. 50kw / month, but also to let the remaining energy of approx. 250kw flow further to cities and communities.

Water for All,
All for Water

VIVA CON AGUA is a non-profit association that works to ensure that people worldwide have access to clean drinking water, a sanitation system and thus hygiene. To this end, they promote water projects at home and abroad in accordance with the motto: "Water for all - All for water".

To generate donations for the projects (in South Africa, Uganda, Ethiopia and Nepal, among others), the association relies primarily on the music, art and sports industries. To this end, the organization's team collects deposit cups at concerts, gives talks at schools and universities, and works with selected companies.

We would like to do our part and are happy to support VIVA CON AGUA in future water projects.